Restaurant Workers Bill of Rights

The early weeks of the COVID pandemic gave us a glimpse into a widespread solidarity with restaurant and other essential workers. This reassured us that a systemic change across a myriad of policies affecting women, mothers, people of color, and immigrants who comprise the vast majority of restaurant workers is not only popular but possible.

With 70 restaurant workers, members of ROC United, we created a concept for the Restaurant Workers Bill of Rights centered around:

  • Thriving wages needed for a thriving life
  • Time off necessary for healing and rest
  • A safe and dignified work environment
  • Universal healthcare and bodily autonomy
  • Participation in governance

We invite all restaurant workers to provide more input in creating the first Restaurant Workers Bill of Rights, building on the five areas of workers’ rights. Sign up here if you are a restaurant worker and we will connect with you to get your input.

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